About UME

“I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty. In my work I try to reach and speak to that innocence, showing it the fun and joy of living; showing it that laughter is healthy; showing it that the human species, although happily ridiculous at times, is still reaching for the stars.” – Walt Disney

Disney’s words are surprisingly relevant in this digital age when traditional and emerging media mingle to create a new chapter in storytelling. United Motion Entertainment is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement by creating stories that are simply too big for any one screen to capture. Our work is driven by a passion for these larger than life stories of new worlds and unique characters that can’t help but push the boundaries of entertainment and technology alike.

This new breed of stories nimble enough to trip across devices and unfold across the media landscape in a mosaic of interconnected worlds engage audiences more deeply than traditional linear content ever could. Call us old-fashioned, but we still believe in the transformative power of storytelling as a natural part of our very evolution, in this digital age now, more than ever.